I’m offering copy, line and developmental editing services in English and German.

Copy and line editing: I’ll fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors and suggest stylistic improvements of your full manuscript or partials.
Price: € 13 or US$ 18 per 1,000 words.
Example: an 80,000-words manuscript costs € 1040 or US$ 1,440.

Developmental editing: I’ll read your completed manuscript and discuss plot, structure and character development with you, will suggest to trim or elaborate. We’ll be working as a team, bouncing back and forth ideas and possibilities via e-mail.
Price: € 25 or US$ 35 per hour.
Estimate: an 80,000-word manuscript would take approximately 30 hours, depending on the quality.

If you want it all, I’m offering a special deal for two rounds. First I read your manuscript and develop plot, characters, tension, conflict and settings with you. After the changes are made, I’ll do a round of copy and line editing.
Price: € 20 or US$ 26 per 1,000 words.

Quick evaluation: If you have finished a manuscript, but aren’t certain if the plot works, the characters are life-like and engaging, their actions convincing and well motivated, I’d be happy to do a quick read without editing and give overall advice on how to improve the novel. Most of my feedback will center around story arch, pacing, character development, plot points, etc. Of course, I will also tell you what works well. For this service, I’m charging US$10 per 5,000 words.

US$ prices may vary depending on the exchange rate. Payment via PayPal.

Members of The Internet Writing Workshop get a ten percent discount if their work has been critiqued already.