Bill Brier, author of The Devil Orders Takeout:

After three years of hard work—including numerous rewrites—my novel was nearly completed except for minor line editing. Or so I thought. On a whim, I accepted Dr. Edith’s offer of a free examination. I submitted the first 1,000 words including deleted sections I liked, but felt did not work. To my surprise, the doctor performed surgical magic by integrating it all into a sizzling, and captivating first chapter.

I knew immediately that I’d found the doctor I didn’t know I needed. We worked together on the entire manuscript making 640 changes. And that was before a second run-through of line editing! Edith was a delight to work with and her suggestions were right-on. She welcomed my feistiness of not always accepting a change without convincing reasons—which she gave freely, and often with great humor.

And did I mention the query letter? She reworked it into something better than good, and as a result four agents have requested seeing my entire manuscript.

Francene Stanley, author of the Moonstone series Still Rock Water. Tidal Surge, Everchanging Sea:

You won’t find a more empathetic reader for your work. Somehow she goes right to the heart of the story and picks up on things even the author didn’t think of–causes and effects, passions and hates. She can pinpoint where things are out of kilter, point out where the time frame is wrong and show you where to trim back. Tireless efforts are spent on consideration of your corrections and additions. I rate her highly as an editor for her superior intellect and imagination.

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